Are the Gators really going to let cornerback Joe Haden play some quarterback in the Wildcat formation this season, or is this just a ruse to give UF opponents one more thing to worry about (and prepare for) this season?

This comes into question after what’s happened over the last several days.

Last Friday, Urban Meyer said Haden was getting some work at quarterback and that he could see some playing time on offense.

On Monday, Haden, who threw for 7,000-plus yards in his high school career, said he worked out with the quarterbacks and receivers over the summer and that he’s been working with quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler every day after practice.

Then, at UF’s media day on Tuesday, Loeffler claimed he has not worked with Haden at all.

So, is this Haden talk just a smoke screen?

Meyer was asked after Thursday morning’s practice.

“I do think he’ll play offense,”Meyer said with a smile. “Write a big story about it and send it out to everybody. Well-thought-out smoke screen.”

But earlier in post-practice meeting with the media, Meyer said he’d like to see Haden playing some quarterback.

“I just hope we can develop enough corners that we can use him on offense,” Meyer said. “He’s dynamic with the ball in his hands. He’s one of those football guys. He’s one of the top five athletes I’ve coached. He’s that good.”

Maybe we’ll see Haden at quarterback. Maybe we won’t. We’ll have to wait until to season to find out (the Tennessee game, I’d guess).

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