Tim Tebow going under center? Joe Haden lining up at quarterback in the wildcat formation? No. 1 quarterback John Brantley getting a package of plays to run during the natural course of a game?

These were all things that were talked about by Urban Meyer and the coaching staff in the preseason, but none have come to pass. Since we’re now three games into the season, it’s pretty safe to assume we won’t be seeing these things in the coming weeks, the one exception possibly being Brantley.

Meyer was talking up Brantley at his Monday press conference, so maybe he’s thinking about giving Brantley some playing time in the first half Saturday against Kentucky. This seemed to be the plan in the preseason, especially at media day when Meyer said Brantley had earned the opportunity to play. Many figured Brantley would get a package of plays for each game like Tebow got when he was a true freshman backing up senior Chris Leak.

Maybe this will happen Saturday. If not, maybe later in the season.

But the Tebow going under center and Haden playing quarterback now seem destined not to happen now.

Even on the goal line, Tebow has been lining up in the shotgun and often running the ball, just like he did the past two seasons. So, there has been no Tebow under center, and no Emmanuel Moody lining up at tailback in the I-formation with a fullback in front of him.

As for Haden playing quarterback in the wildcat formation, he said Tuesday that he hasn’t been seeing any practice time on offense lately.

So, it looks like two of those intriguing preseason ideas have fallen to the wayside.

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