Because he is such a talent, and has been such an enigma in his time at Florida, tailback Emmanuel Moody has been discussed in this blog many times over the past two years.

We’ve talked about his injuries, his durability. His potential, his frustration. His flashes of greatness, followed by his mysterious and befuddling disappearances in the offense.

Now, we’ve got something new to talk about: Moody’s opportunity to become the tailback everyone thinks he can be now that Stan Drayton is his position coach again. Drayton, who played an integral role in Moody ending up at Florida after he decided to transfer from Southern Cal, seems to think Moody’s emergence may be coming soon.

Drayton talked earlier in the week about how Moody has started to “grow hair on his chest a little bit and stay behind his pads.” Drayton also said Moody may be back in his comfort zone now that he’s back working under him following a two-year separation (a painful one for Moody).

“Moody and I were both excited to be reunited,” Drayton said. “Moody came here because he was real interested in developing a relationship with his positional coach. It was a tough little transition he had to go through (when Drayton left). Coach (Kenny) Carter did a great job while he was here.

“But Moody and I became really, really close in the recruiting process. I think there is a great level of comfortability that we’re back together.”

We don’t know if comfortability is a word or not, but we know exactly what Drayton is saying.

Moody is now in a comfort zone perhaps for the first time since he’s been at Florida.

I know, I know. In the past there have been times we thought Moody was all set to explode on the scene and it didn’t happen. Maybe this will be the time it actually occurs.

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