Over the, let’s say several, years that I’ve covered Florida football for The Sun, I’ve come across some really incredible physical freaks. I think I came across the most impressive freak of all Wednesday.

Omarius Hines.

He almost makes Jevon Kearse look like a stick man.

The hybrid receiver/tight end showed up for interviews Wednesday wearing a form-fitting tank top, and he is cut, ripped, whatever you want to call it. He has muscles on top of his muscles. He shoulders are so big, they almost look unnatural. They’re the size of bowling balls. Really, if you had to pick the baddest looking dude on the Florida roster, the one guy you’d want to have your back in a fight, Hines is the guy.

I’ve never seen a receiver (or a hybrid tight end) with a build like this guy (and Aaron Hernandez was pretty jacked himself).

Hines said he can do 28 or 29 pull-ups. With a 30-pound weight tied around his waist! And he bench-presses 365 pounds. Oh, yeah, and he weighs 223 pounds and runs the 40 in 4.3 seconds.

A freak.

When Hines arrived in Gainesville three years ago, he weighed 193 pounds and could not bench press 225 pounds 10 times, which he was told was the minimum for a player to play wide receiver at UF.

“When I got here, Coach Mick (strength and conditioning coordinator Mickey Marotti), he’s a great strength coach, he put a lot of weight on me,” Hines said. “He trained me real hard. It’s amazing (what happens) when you’re doing everything right and going hard and listening to the coaches. I wasn’t into it my freshman year. I started buying in after that and great results came out of it.”

After seeing Hines on Wednesday, I now understand why the UF coaches have been raving about him throughout camp. This freak has a chance to be special.

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