At Urban Meyer’s weekly news conference Monday, someone pointed out a very telling statistic from Saturday’s victory over Appalachian State that Meyer said he was not aware of.

Here it is: The Gators scored touchdowns on seven of their 10 offensive possessions in the 48-10 victory. In all of those scoring drives, the Gators alternated quarterbacks, giving the offense a dual-threat at the position. On the three drives where the Gators did not score, the offense was led exclusively by throwing quarterback John Brantley and did not have a dual threat.

“I guess we have to get some dual-threat quarterback in there,” Meyer said. “I usually know all the stats. I’m going to go up there (to the coaches’ office) and write that on the board.

“I think that threat is real, especially the quality players they are and the threat they give you. It’s interesting.”

Not to give away the game plan, but it seems obvious that the Seminoles are going to be seeing all three quarterbacks — Brantley, Trey Burton and Jordan Reed — throughout Saturday’s game in Tallahassee.

Of the three, Reed is the one who has emerged as a true dual-threat. In Saturday’s game, Reed ran for three touchdowns and threw for one.

After the game, Meyer said Reed is getting very close to being able to run the entire offense. Maybe this is the game where Reed’s role will expand significantly. Even if it doesn’t, the Gators are going to try and slow down FSU’s fast and aggressive defense with their three-quarterback system that gives UF a dual threat at the position.

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