I have to admit, I did not see this one coming. Urban Meyer’s sudden resignation Wednesday stunned me just as much as his announcement did the day after Christmas a year ago. Obviously, this time Meyer is not coming back. His decision has been made, and it is final. After the Outback Bowl, he will never coach the Gators again.
Had Meyer done this late in the season, I would not have been that surprised. I wondered throughout the year if his heart was really in this like it’s been in the past. But after the loss to FSU, I saw that Meyer fire return in his post-game news conference. He was adamant about returning the program to elite status. But that fire is out now.
I thought this blog would be a good chance for our readers to comment on the shocking news, and about the wonderful career Meyer has had at Florida. Of course, feel free to offer ideas on who the next coach will be (I think it will be Dan Mullen).
So, I turn it over to you:

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