ESPN’s Colin Cowherd stirred up Gator Nation in a big way Thursday morning when he revealed he knows who Jeremy Foley is going to hire as Florida’s next football coach. He did not come up a name, but a hint. The hint was the acronym STAB. He said it will prove he was right when the news does come out (he’s predicting it will be soon, maybe anytime now).

So, what do you think STAB stands for? The consensus seems to be Same Thing As Before — which would mean Foley’s guy is Utah coach Kyle Whittingham, who would follow in Urban Meyer’s footsteps for a second time. (It certainly worked out well the first time). It makes some sense. Whittingham and Meyer are close friends and talk all the time. If Meyer is asked to recommended his replacement, I’m pretty confident this would be the guy.

But watch out for all these rumors and this early speculation that is only going to multiply over the next few days. As for Cowherd’s tease, I think he’s just trying to generate interest in his show. How could he know? I don’t even think Jeremy knows yet. He’s in the very early stages of the coaching search, so he still has a lot of work (and interviewing) to do.

I will predict the next rumor: Foley is meeting with former Tampa Bay Bucs coach Jon Gruden in Tampa on Thursday night to discuss the job. After all, Foley is in Tampa (along with Meyer) for an Outback Bowl function at Raymond James Stadium. So, yeah, this will be the next rumor to pop up on an Internet site near you. Of course, Dan Mullen was in Jacksonville on Thursday night for a Gator Bowl function, so maybe Foley is scooting over there to interview Meyer’s former offensive coordinator.

This is going to be fun, isn’t it?

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