Some leftovers from Will Muschamp’s high school coaches’ clinic this past weekend, where former NFL coach and current Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden was the guest speaker Saturday:

* Gruden raved about Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis several times. He predicted that under Weis, the Gators will have the best play-action passing game and the best perimeter screen passing game in college football next season.

* Weis said Muschamp and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn have been making it tough on him and the offense this spring, firing off all kinds of blitzes from all kinds of angles. Weis said it feels like his offense is getting blitzed a thousand times in practice every day. It’s obvious that Muschamp and Quinn are really going to get after opposing offenses in the fall.

* Gruden said if the NFL lockout does not end and there is no season in the fall, he’ll be spending a lot of time in Gainesville watching the Gators. He said several times that this is going to be a fun team to follow.

* On Friday, Quinn’s presentation to the high school coaches was about the importance of turnovers and how to create them by stripping ball carriers and punching the ball out when the opportunity is there. A day later, Gruden reinforced everything Quinn said during his presentation to the coaches. Gruden said NFL defenses have put an emphasis on doing all the same things Quinn showed the coaches the day before.

* Weis told the offensive play-callers in the audience that criticism comes with the job, and at some point they’re going to face it from all directions, including high school principals, parents and even from fellow offensive coaches. Weis said he’s even been criticized by his wife and son, Charlie, after some games in which his offense sputtered.

* Gruden, the assistant offensive line coach for his son’s high school football team, said he would like to get back in coaching as a head coach one day. He said he misses the game and the relationships with the players.

* Gruden said if the Florida players do a good job picking up new offensive and defensive systems this spring, watch out in the fall, this Gator team could be very, very good. He said the Muschamp-Weis coaching combination is the best in college football.

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