Most of the statements early in the season from Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis have been positive. He’s been happy with his offense. His mood has changed dramatically after the Gators’ offensive effort in the 33-23 victory over Tennessee on Saturday.

He’s gone from happy to “miserable.”

“Actually, I’m pretty disappointed,” Weis said after Tuesday’s practice. “Am I content that we’ve been able to move the ball pretty consistently in the first three games? Yes. But anyone who really is meticulous in their preparation at this stage of the season finds a lot of faults in things we’ve done.

“I think we can get a lot better on offense than we are right now. We can get a lot better.”

Weis said he was unhappy about many aspects of the offense’s performance Saturday, from poor execution on third down to penalties to play-calling and mental errors.

“Third down, we were 31 percent,” Weis said. “I had to throw a play-action pass on the goal line to get in, and we had to go for it on fourth down to get it in (another time). I’m not too fired up about that, OK. Thirty-one percent on third down. That makes me miserable.

“We fumbled the ball one time. Turnovers. Not very happy about that. Got the ball back with four-and-a-half minutes left in the game with a chance to run it out and we didn’t do that. Not very happy about that.

“Then we get the ball at the end of the game and we have to be smarter situationally  and make sure we don’t run out of bounds. Not very happy about that.

“Seven penalties. Sign me up for not being happy about that, too. Three line of scrimmage penalties at home. That doesn’t cut water. Throw on top of that the play-calling and the number of mental errors. Trust me, there are plenty of things for me to be miserable about.”

Weis went from happy to miserable. Just like that.

It’s obvious that Weis and the offense have plenty to work on this week to get ready for the Gators’ first road game at Kentucky.

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