As brutal as the last two weeks have been for the Gators, they’re still solidly in the race in the SEC’s Eastern Division. To stay in it, they’re going to have to find a way to win at Auburn, where a lot better Florida teams than this one have tasted defeat in the past.

It’s a do-or-die game for the Gators.

Unfortunately for Florida, I see this being a Dyer game for the Tigers.

Let’s face it, we’re going into the seventh game of the season and the Gators are what they are on defense. They can’t tackle, can’t stop the run, can’t prevent teams from going up and down the field on them, can’t create turnovers or big negative plays.

I see a defensive meltdown happening again at Auburn. Tailback Michael Dyer is a big, fast, powerful tailback and he’ll be running through the Gator defense for most of the night. Once that’s established, AU will be able to throw on the Gators. We’ve seen a similar scenario the past two weeks.

Auburn’s defense is more porous than Florida’s. The problem is the Gators’ offense, led by a true freshman quarterback, isn’t good enough to take advantage of it. The Gators just don’t seem capable of scoring many points, no matter what kind of defense they’re going against.

This summer I did a blog on this four-game October stretch pointing out that it was tough but doable, and the Gators had a good chance of winning two or three of the games. After watching UF get manhandled in the losses to Alabama and LSU, I now have a pretty strong feeling the Gators are going to go 0-for-October.

Prediction: Auburn 31, Florida 21.

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