I fell for it last week. I fell for all the talk and all the predictions in and around the program that this would be a much-improved Florida team. I fell for it and then went ahead and picked UF to win in a rout last week.

Of course, we all know what happened. The Gators stumbled their way through an uninspired win over Bowling Green — and looked very much like last year’s UF team in the process.

Now, this week, there’s new talk, a new positive spin being spun in and around Florida football: After not showing anything on either side of the ball last week, UF is going to reveal its true identity against Texas A&M. The offense is going to be much more open and effective. Passes will be thrown down the field and completed. There will be some really cool trick plays pulled out of Brent Pease’s playbook. The defense is going to fly around and create turnovers and make plays, and look like one of the nation’s potentially dominant units.

Sorry, but I’m not buying it, not falling for it.

Think about it. Going back to the first of October last season, the Gators have not played well or looked very good in any game. As the former head ball coach used to say, they have a track record. They are what they are. The same team that played so poorly, and, looked so poorly coached last season, showed up again to start this season last Saturday.

Mind-numbing stuff, really.

Until the Gators play well, and actually beat a quality opponent, I’m not falling for the weekly theme/spin that this team is going to be better.

Prediction: Texas A&M 24, Florida 13.

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