The other day, I went on the Internet to check and see what’s going on in Knoxville and I came across an article that many might find quite amusing. It was about the Knoxville police warning Tennessee fans not to storm the field after Saturday night’s game. They issued the warning because there has been so much talk all week about the fans coming out of the stands to celebrate snapping Florida’s seven-game winning streak in the rivalry.

This begs the question: Don’t you have to win the game first?

Apparently up on Rocky Top there is no doubt that the Vols are going to slap the Gators around pretty good Saturday. It’s all over talk radio, so it must be true. They’re saying this is the weakest Florida team in years and that the Vols are going to take out seven years of frustration by pounding the Gators. It won’t even be close.

This begs another question: Isn’t this basically the same Tennessee team that lost to Kentucky less than 10 months ago?

I’ve been telling people all summer Florida and Tennessee were both going to be better this season than many were predicting. That assessment appears to be accurate. But the folks up in Knoxville seem to be getting a little too carried away based on victories over a weak North Carolina State team and an even weaker Georgia State team. All those big offensive numbers look great, and yes, Tyler Bray and those receivers can be pretty awesome, but let’s wait and see what happens against a good SEC defense.

Certainly, UT has a chance to win this game and give the fans the option of celebrating in the stands or going on the field and getting arrested.

My feeling is the only sound at the end of the night will be coming from the Florida side, with the playing of alma mater and the fight song.

The Vols have scary potential with their downfield passing game, and their running game appears better than a year ago. But I think the Gators match up well with the UT offense. They’re going to have a good game plan to make Bray uncomfortable in the pocket and then come up with some sacks and turnovers to turn the game in UF’s favor.

It won’t be easy, and the game is going to be close, but the Gators are going to win the fourth quarter (and the game) for the second week in a row.

Prediction: Florida 21, Tennessee 20

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