Prominent Florida attorney John Morgan’s advertising theme for his law firm, Morgan & Morgan, is “For the people.” Now he’s added a little twist. He’s produced a commercial that is “For the people who are for Tim Tebow.”

In an attempt to put pressure on the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign free-agent quarterback/UF legend Tim Tebow, Morgan has recorded a video that he hopes will convince team owner Shad Khan to reach out to Tebow.

The video has only appeared on YouTube so far, receiving nearly 10,000 hits in its first day (Wednesday). In the video, Morgan praises Tebow for being a winner and urges Khan to make the right call “for the people” and sign Tebow.

“The Jaguars are 27-42 in the last 5 years. One of the worst records in NFL history and more in store for this year. We can’t even fill an entire end zone,” said Morgan in the video. “Tebow is one of us, he has class character and he’s a winner. Let’s win Mr. Khan. Once upon a time, so called experts probably doubted your potential and now look at you. Give our guy a shot. I’ll even buy that box you tried to sell me,” said Morgan. “Remember this, you can’t tivo Tebow. Let’s do this Mr. Khan, for the people. Let’s win.”

Khan and the Jags have already expressed that they have no interest in signing Tebow. It’s not going to happen, but Morgan’s commercial is the latest attempt to sway public (Tebow) opinion and try and keep the pressure on the NFL team to consider hooking up with the hometown hero.

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