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The new OC might be …

There are a lot of names and unknowns surrounding Florida coach Will Muschamp’s coaching search for a new offensive coordinator. But there are some things we do know (some of the information based on sources), and we’re going to use those knowns as the basis for deducing who the new guy might be. Here’s what we know: * We can eliminate these coaches as potential candidates — JU coach Kerwin Bell, the former UF quarterback, former Southern Cal coach Lane… Read More »

Sad season comes to an end

Back in August, when the Gators were still healthy and hopeful, no one could have foreseen what would happen to this Florida team. Had anyone projected the Gators to be 4-7 heading into the Florida State game, they would have been laughed at — kind of like Jon Harrison and Quinton Dunbar have been for their teammate dance on video from the Georgia Southern loss. No one saw this coming. But this is where the Gators are, 4-7 and given… Read More »

Streak will finally end

All this complaining about Brent Pease and the Florida offense has gotten old. So, why don’t we complain about D.J. Durkin and the defense for a change? The defense is why the Gators lost to South Carolina last Saturday. The conservative offense did what it had to do to win the game, putting together two nice touchdown drives and scoring 14 points. That would have been enough if the defense had not given up the biggest play of the game… Read More »

SOS won’t run it up

I’ve been asked several times this week if I thought Steve Spurrier would try to run up the score on his former school, or would he take it easy on the severely wounded Gators. Here’s my response to that: Spurrier is no longer the “run-it-up thug” that he was back in the day, when he was throwing the ball all over the park in The Swamp and letting his backups continue to run the Fun ‘n Gun late in games.… Read More »

Same old, same old?

In making a prediction for the Florida-Vanderbilt game, maybe I should just go ahead and follow the same scenario that has played out in recent losses for the Gators. You know how it goes: The defense gets burned early by big plays, the Gators fall behind, and the offense, obviously uncomfortable playing from that position, struggles and Florida finds itself trailing at the half and facing all kinds of pressure. In the end, the Gators can’t overcome the deficit and… Read More »

A ’Dog day afternoon?

With all the injuries on both sides and both teams riding a two-game losing streak, this does not have the feel of a typical Florida-Georgia game going in. It’s not even the biggest game in the state Saturday. That distinction goes to the FSU-Miami game in Tallahassee. This UF-UGA game has become somewhat irrelevant to the rest of the nation. But for these two unranked and wounded teams who are clinging to their last hope in the Eastern Division race,… Read More »

Gators more Tiger bait?

Before the start of the season, playing Missouri on the road seemed to fall into the category of trap game for the Gators. But it has moved way beyond that with the great start the Tigers have gotten off to this season. It’s not a trap game, it’s a tough game, one that many believe Missouri should be favored to win based on the different direction the two teams seem to be heading (UF’s arrow is pointing down; Mizzou’s is… Read More »

Into the Tigers’ den

With Tyler Murphy at quarterback, the offense has started to produce the way Will Muschamp and Brent Pease thought it would heading into the season. Murphy’s presence under center (and in the pocket) seems to have made a huge difference. He’s getting the ball down the field to the wide receivers, leading the Gators to touchdowns once they get into the red zone, and making plays with his feet, whether it’s to buy time in the pocket or make a… Read More »

Time to atone for dumb pick

Over the past week, I’ve been called stupid, dumb, a talentless hack, a buffoon, an idiot, ignorant, clueless … and so on and so forth. And that was just from my wife. Seriously, though, this is what happens when you make a dumb-stupid-clueless pick like I did last week when I predicted Florida would lose to Kentucky. My gut feeling was way off on that one, except for the fact that I did get part of it right: I predicted… Read More »

Upset alert in Lexington

Actually, if the Gators fall to Kentucky on Saturday night, I don’t know how many are actually going to refer to it as an upset. With all that’s happen at Florida over the past week — losing starting quarterback Jeff Driskel and star defensive tackle Dominique Easley — many are starting to believe the Wildcats are in an excellent position to end their 26-game losing streak to the Gators. I am among them. I know that many around Gator Nation… Read More »