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Survival game is on

Florida’s stunning win in Jacksonville last Saturday has given the Gators some rare momentum and given Will Muschamp real hope that he can save his job. What happens in the next two weeks will determine how this all plays out for Muschamp and this UF team. If the Gators can build on this momentum and put together another impressive performance against Vanderbilt in Nashville on Saturday night, they could get on a streak that could carry them to a seven… Read More »

’Dog day in Jacksonville

I’ve had some Florida fans come up to me over the past two weeks and tell me that Saturday’s game in Jacksonville is a win-win for the Gators. If they win the game, great. If they lose the game, well, great also because Will Muschamp’s demise as UF’s coach will have been confirmed. If that’s the way UF fans are viewing things, then they can relax and enjoy the afternoon at EverBank Field. There’s no pressure. No anxiety. No reason… Read More »

Crucial game for ’Champ, Gators

Think about how different things would be for the Gators today had Tevin Westbrook not dropped that pass in the end zone in the closing minutes and the Gators had beaten LSU last Saturday. UF would be 4-1, with a good chance to go to 5-1 heading into the Georgia game, and a lot of the heat would be off Will Muschamp. Some might even be looking toward a bright future with ’Champ and his staff. But, Westbrook dropped the… Read More »

It’s 2012 all over again

With Treon Harris suspended, Jeff Driskel faltering at quarterback and the wide receivers contributing basically nothing, it looks like the Florida offense has reverted back to its 2012 form, where they run the ball, don’t take any chances and let the defense and punter Kyle Christy control the game and the field position. It may give the Gators a chance to win enough games to save Will Muschamp’s job (or maybe not), but how many fans are going to fall… Read More »

Getting rocked on Rocky Top

Through preseason camp and the first two games of the season, I have to admit that I drank the Kool-Aid and was convinced this Florida team was much, much better than last season and would make a serious run at an SEC championship in 2014. Well, after what I witnessed two weeks ago in Tuscaloosa, I’ve spit out the Kool-Aid and am now chugging a healthy drink of reality. And the reality is this team is not a whole lot… Read More »

Gators will hang tough

It’s quite amazing how a victory — a dramatic, pulsating, overtime victory — can turn into such a negative. But that’s exactly what’s happened with the Gators’ 36-30 win over Kentucky last Saturday. It’s become a huge negative. Going into the game, the consensus among Gator Nation was that the Gators were greatly improved and would have a big bounce-back season that would return UF to its rightly status of contender in the SEC. But, they almost lost the game,… Read More »

Must-win game for Muschamp

This may sound like a bit of an overstatement, but Saturday’s game against Kentucky is one of the most important in Will Muschamp’s head coaching career. Because if he doesn’t win this one — doesn’t dispose of a 17.5-point underdog at home — that hot seat that cooled a bit with the 65-0 opening-day win over Eastern Michigan is going to become raging hot like it’s never been before. Muschamp cannot lose this game. If he does, the Gators are… Read More »

Big, belated start for Gators

Last week’s prediction blog was suspended due to unsafe writing conditions (too many distractions in the newsroom) and is now filed under the category “no contest.” Like Idaho, I will be getting paid (I hope). So, after that false start last week, the real season starts now. Weather permitting (I do think we might have a lightning delay or two Saturday), we’re going to see a much different (and much better) Florida team than a year ago, especially on offense,… Read More »

Receivers bonding with Leak

Although he took over in a tough situation, with virtually no coaching experience, new Florida wide receivers coach Chris Leak has quickly earned the respect of the Gator wide receivers. “Chris Leak, he’s very passionate about the game, you can tell he loves the game,” senior Quinton Dunbar said. “ He goes that extra effort to make sure guys are OK and guys are in the perfect place to make plays. I feel like he’s going to be a good coach.”… Read More »

More motivation for Gators

If the Florida Gators were not already motivated by last season’s 4-8 debacle, they should be now after what happened at SEC Media Days on Thursday. The Gators were shown almost no respect from the media when they were picked third in the Eastern Division and had just four players on the preseason All-SEC team, only two on the first team and none on the first two offensive teams. Florida and its fans may be anticipating a big bounce-back season… Read More »